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Christmas - Where the Treetops Glisten

We have a *NEW* Christmas design now available.
You can order it HERE.


Giant Ruler Vinyl Decal

We now have the GIANT RULER vinyl!  YAY!  Apply to a 6" or 8" wide board.  The board should be about 6 feet tall because you place it above the ground, so your board actually takes measurements taller than 6".  You can cut off the ends under 1 foot if you desire.  It's flexible for what you need.  Just cut off parts of the decal you don't want to use (before applying).  No matter how much you cut off below the 1 foot mark, be sure to measure 1 foot off the ground, and line up the 1 foot mark on the board and place on wall in this spot so your measurements will be accurate.



Halloween Sign - Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Here is another great Halloween design!  I love how it turned out!

Here is how to make it:

1. You will need the vinyl decal, available here. You'll need a piece of wood to fit the size of vinyl you order.  I used the 2.5"x22.5" size.  My board is about 3.5"x23.5".  
2. Paint the wood orange. Allow to dry. Sand edges to make it look "roughed up" (you'll also need to sand the edges so the stain can turn the edges black).
3. Apply vinyl. Be sure to measure from the same letter on both sides (measure the p's or the k's, for example).
4. Quickly rub stain all over wood and vinyl. Then rub with a clean paper towel to wipe off access stain and to lighten the stain on the wood. I used ebony colored stain (black), so it looks more Halloween-y.
5. Hang for Halloween.

Away in a Manger

How to make your Away in a Manger Shadow Box:

You will need:
* Shadow Box
* Raffia
* Paper (I used wood plank looking paper.  You can use what you want).
* Vinyl Decal - available HERE on our website We Cut Vinyl
      Vinyl decal comes in the following sizes for shadow boxes: for 5x7, for 8x10, & for 11x14.

1.  Cut vinyl decal into two pieces - manger as one piece, and words as another (keeping all the words together as they came - as one piece).

2.  Apply the manger to the paper.  I put it right down flush with the bottom of the paper.

3.  Apply the words Away in a Manger to the outside of the glass.  I put it towards the top of the glass, where I thought it looked the best (put the paper inside the frame so you have a reference of where the manger will be in relation to the words.
**You can leave the decal as one piece and apply the whole thing onto the paper - I like the dimension it gives applying the manger to the paper - and the words to the glass.

4.  Cut several pieces of straight raffia.  Use as much as you think you need.  I probably have 20-30 pieces in mine.

5.  Lay frame down so glass side in down.  Put raffia into frame.  Attach the paper to your shadow box backing - most are padded.  I just used the pins that came with it.  Put backing into frame.  Done!

Visit our website for lots of other great Christmas vinyl decals.


I Love You Because:

Our newest vinyl lettering is just in time for Valentines Day.
I Love You Because:  and you fill in the blank!  I put it on an 8"x10" frame, with a simple white paper behind it.  I didn't want any kind of patterned paper because I wanted it to be nice and "clean" when I write the note.

Order this vinyl lettering HERE.

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