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Glass Etching A Pan

I love having my name on the bottom of my glass pans.  I'm able to take them to events and everyone knows who the pans needs to go home with.  I recently discovered that I prefer to have my name visible and easier to see instead of lifting up the pan to look at the bottom.  Sometimes when there is still food in the pan, this can be a problem.

So - I decided to make a decal that will fit on the SIDE of a glass pan.  I love this so much better!  Here's how to make one. 
You will need:
*A glass pan - 8x8 or 9x13.  I never use PYREX pans for etching, because for some reason, not all their glass pans etch, so I always use Anchor Hocking pans.
*Glass etching cream. Here is the kind I use.  I have a big bottle (22-oz), but if you only plan to etch one or two pans, a small bottle is great.  You can buy this at some craft stores.  If I can't find it locally, I buy it online.  Search around for the best value.
*Vinyl decal with your name from We Cut Vinyl.
*A small paint brush
*Additional masking tape

Here's how to etch your pan:
1.  Buy the vinyl decal from We Cut Vinyl.  It is already added into the details to INVERT the design, so you can etch it.
2.  Apply the decal to your pan where you want it.

3.  Tape around the decal to protect the glass from the etching cream
4.  Apply the cream to the decal.  Make sure you get every little corner.  Looking thru the cream from the back side up against a light, you can see any spots you missed.

5.  Let cream sit for 10 minutes on pan.
6.  Rinse cream off with warm water (etching is hard to see when glass is wet.  Dry off pan and you will see the etching).
7.  Remove vinyl from pan.
8.  Done.  Now wasn't that easy?

**If you are not sure if your glass pan will etch or not, try a small dab (as shown in picture) of etching cream on a corner of the bottom of the pan, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it off.  If it is etched, you're good to go (see the small patch of etched glass in picture on the right?).  If it doesn't etch, get a different brand of glass pan.  None on my PYREX pans will etch.  *The glass etching cream starts to work the moment it is on the glass, so if you leave it on for just a few minutes, and it still isn't etching, longer won't help.  Get a different pan.

If you like to offer a FREE craft project at group activities like Relief Society, this is a good one for that since the cost is so minimal.  Just provide the vinyl decal with the personalized name (be sure to have sign ups so you know what names to order) and the other items, and have each person bring their own glass pan(s).  


Welcome Sign for Front Door

New Welcome vinyl decals now on our website!  These are perfect for a front door or even a wood plaque.  You can see them here.

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