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Be Blocks - Pres. hinckley

We all love the Be's that President Hinckley taught us.  This craft was inspired from his words.

Here is how to make your Be Blocks:

1. Order the vinyl and/or the KIT from our website, here. (The kit includes three blocks)  Wood blocks come unsanded and unpainted.
2. Sand your blocks nice and smooth, rounding the edges. We used a palm sander - so much easier!
3. Paint your blocks. 
4. Let paint dry. When paint is dry, lightly sand blocks again, sanding more around the edges, so it gives it a roughed up look.
5. Apply vinyl lettering to your blocks before staining the wood.  If you try to apply vinyl after staining, it has a harder time sticking to your blocks. Make sure vinyl is securely pressed on wood all around.
6.  Stain blocks (wear rubber gloves). Even apply stain on top of vinyl - don't worry, it will wipe off.  Quickly wipe off excess stain with a paper towel. Let dry. (If applying vinyl on top of paper, stain wood before applying the paper).
8. Apply a THIN layer of mod podge over vinyl lettering.  (If you plan on stacking your blocks, DO NOT mod podge the tops/bottoms of the blocks or else they will stick to each other). Let dry.
9. All done!

**If you want paper as the background (as shown in the green blocks) paint blocks, stain blocks, then apply pieces of paper with spray adhesive {so you won't get wripples}.  This can be bought at most craft stores, and even Wal*Mart - the brand isn't important.  They all seem to work fine - I personally use the kind shown from the link on Amazon.  Then apply vinyl to paper, then use mod podge.

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