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Another Be Blocks

Here is another great look for the Be Blocks.  
*Black paint
*Light brown vinyl.

Directions on how to make these are here.


Quote with Customized Family Name

We love this quote by Gordon B. Hinckley.  We love adding our own name to it!

To make, simply apply vinyl decal to a tile or wood plaque, or even straight onto a wall.  Similar instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Order this quote customized with your family name on our website here.


Customized Temple Vinyl

Customize a wedding gift for the upcoming weddings this summer.  Simply email us to customize text.
To see our temples, click here.

Be Blocks - Pres. hinckley

We all love the Be's that President Hinckley taught us.  This craft was inspired from his words.

Here is how to make your Be Blocks:

1. Order the vinyl and/or the KIT from our website, here. (The kit includes three blocks)  Wood blocks come unsanded and unpainted.
2. Sand your blocks nice and smooth, rounding the edges. We used a palm sander - so much easier!
3. Paint your blocks. 
4. Let paint dry. When paint is dry, lightly sand blocks again, sanding more around the edges, so it gives it a roughed up look.
5. Apply vinyl lettering to your blocks before staining the wood.  If you try to apply vinyl after staining, it has a harder time sticking to your blocks. Make sure vinyl is securely pressed on wood all around.
6.  Stain blocks (wear rubber gloves). Even apply stain on top of vinyl - don't worry, it will wipe off.  Quickly wipe off excess stain with a paper towel. Let dry. (If applying vinyl on top of paper, stain wood before applying the paper).
8. Apply a THIN layer of mod podge over vinyl lettering.  (If you plan on stacking your blocks, DO NOT mod podge the tops/bottoms of the blocks or else they will stick to each other). Let dry.
9. All done!

**If you want paper as the background (as shown in the green blocks) paint blocks, stain blocks, then apply pieces of paper with spray adhesive {so you won't get wripples}.  This can be bought at most craft stores, and even Wal*Mart - the brand isn't important.  They all seem to work fine - I personally use the kind shown from the link on Amazon.  Then apply vinyl to paper, then use mod podge.


How to make a Glass Block

Making a Glass Block with a vinyl decal couldn't be easier!

Here's how:
1.  Buy a glass block.  You can find these at home improvement stores, and online.
2.  Order a vinyl decal from We Cut Vinyl.  Have fun with your decals - yes, black is the most popular, but look how great it looks in pink for a little girls room.  Be brave - order a color!!
3.  You can choose any design for your glass block: temples, wording, shapes, flowers, etc... If you don't see what you want on our website - EMAIL US!  We will make you a custom design.
4.  Be sure to order the CORRECT SIZE decal.  For example, if your glass block is 8 inches square - we recommend the 6.75" size.  If you have a rectangular glass block, DO NOT try putting a square graphic on it.  Order a design that is rectangular.  Email us if you need to see if a design that is square can be made to be rectangular.
5.  If you are drilling a hole in the back of your block for lights, do this before applying vinyl.  ONLY do this if you know what you are doing.  You need a diamond head drill bit, or a drill bit made for cutting glass.  Be sure to use water when drilling to help prevent glass from breaking.  Again - only do this if you know how, or seek a PROFESSIONAL'S help!!
6.  Apply vinyl decal.
7.  I sprayed the examples (in the picture) with frosting spray paint after applying vinyl.  I like how it looks when it is frosted.  This also helps hide the lights that are inside when they are not on.
8.  That's it!  Pretty simple, huh?

Order your vinyl decals here.

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