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Portions Plate

When committing to eat healthier, portion control and the proper foods are key! I made a plate to help with this. It can be made on any size glass plate, but remember, the smaller the plate, the less you will eat automatically!

You will need: A plain glass plate (it can be colored, as long as it is still transparent), the portions vinyl decal here, and glass etching cream.

Apply vinyl to back/underside of plate according to the directions that come with the vinyl. The decal will come mirror image so it will be readable from the front/top of the plate. Apply a thin layer of glass etching cream over entire decal, making sure all open spaces are covered so it will etch completely.
Wait 5 minutes (or however long according to the etching cream directions). Rinse under warm water. Keeping the plate under as hot of water as you can stand, peel vinyl decal off (the warm water will help keep the vinyl adhesive soft - making it easier to remove). Once all the vinyl is peeled off, rinse plate and dry. Done!

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