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*LOVE* soap dispenser

This craft is perfect for Valentine's Day - or anyday, really.

This craft is one of my favorites to give as a gift.  So easy, but so adorable.  And you can do so many different designs with this concept.

How to make your LOVE soap dispenser:

1.  VINYL DECAL - FIRST THING - you will need the vinyl lettering decal.  You can get this exact Heart/Love design on our website here.
2.  SOAP - You will need a liquid soap dispenser.  You can buy these for under $1 at most stores.  I like to buy ones that have fun shapes (the one I used is Dial).
3.  REMOVE - Remove labels on front and back. 
4.  If the label leaves adhesive on the bottle, use WD40 to remove it, then wash outside of bottle with warm soapy water to remove the greasy feel from the WD40.  Dry off well.
5.  TAPE - Put tape on the dispenser part to protect it while painting.
6.  PAINT PRIMER - Spray paint the bottle with a spray paint PRIMER made for plastic items.  2 LIGHT coats is *WAY* better than one heavy coat!!  Let dry about 10-20 minutes (until it is not sticky to the touch).
7. PAINT COLOR - Lightly spray with desired spray paint color.  I used Colonial Red.  Remember - LIGHT coats are best.  Be sure to hold spray can about 10-12 inches away from soap bottle when spraying and keep the can moving from side to side.  Be sure to cover soap bottle completely with paint.
8.  DRY - Allow first LIGHT coat to dry 10-20 minutes. 
9.  SECOND COAT OF PAINT - Lightly spray again being sure to cover bottle completely.  This will probably be the last coat of paint you will need.
10.  APPLY VINYL - When completely dry - at least 30 minutes in a warm room - apply vinyl lettering to bottle.
11.  That's it.  Enjoy!

Order this decal here.

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