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Halloween sign - Witch, cat and brew

I made this new Halloween sign from a graphic I found while searching for another Halloween graphic on my computer. My daughter loves the purple sparkly glitter I put on it.

Here is how to make it:
1. Order the vinyl decal from We Cut Vinyl ( My decal is brushed silver.
2. You can get the wood from us at We Cut Vinyl, too. You'll need to email me for information on that.
3. Paint or stain the wood. I only stained my mdf wood with ebony (black) stain. I wanted to try it without paint and I like how it looks. Allow to dry.
4. Apply vinyl decal. **On my sign, the way it looks is by default. I thought I messed up on mine so I had Carl try to sand off the vinyl decal - well, it didn't sand off, it just roughed up the vinyl a little bit - so I decided to just go with that and it turned out great!** I will have to remember that "technique" for future projects.
5. To get the glitter effect, spray board with a photography matte finishing spray. This is the one I used. But working quickly - sprinkle glitter lightly all over board (before matte spray dries). The glitter will stick to the spray and hold it in place.
6. Wrap wire thru holes and curl with needle-nosed pliers. I bought my wire at Metal Mart (be sure to ask for Mark Helean...he is the best one there!!) but I am sure you can get it at Home Depot or Lowe's, or other home improvement store. I don't remember what gauge the wire is, but it is pretty thick. Mark at Metal Mart would know if you called him - tell him you want the wire that you can hang pictures and craft items up with.

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