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The Family Proclamation Vinyl Home Decor Board

I just made another home decor item that I just love! Putting vinyl on ceramic tiles is the latest craze in home decor. Honestly - I am not a fan! I much prefer a board over a tile for several reasons. But my main reasons are: tiles are breakable, wood boards are not; I can paint a board any color I want, I can't paint a tile (as least not easily).

I love the Family Proclamation. I always have. I wanted a plaque that I could rotate with my other home decor items throughout the year. Here is what I came up with:
Here is what my finished project looks like:

How to make:
1. Order the vinyl lettering from We Cut Vinyl. 2. Paint wood desired color. I painted mine black. Let dry.
3. Sand painted board to smooth, and to "rough up" the edges.
4. Wipe off all the dust from sanding with a paper towel or rag.
5. Apply vinyl decal. To get your vinyl decal straight and centered, follow these instructions: Measure and line up decal on board so it is the same distance from all edges. Be sure to measure from the vinyl decal itself NOT the backing sheet it is on. Once in place, tape a big piece of masking tape across the entire top of decal. Don't be afraid to really tape it on well - all the way across.
With a smooth edge object, go over entire decal to make sure the vinyl is going to stick to the top clear transfer sheet.
Starting at the bottom of the decal, peel the top clear transfer sheet off white backing sheet. The vinyl decal needs to be coming up with the top clear transfer sheet. Keeping the clear sheet attached and "hinged" at the top with the tape, remove white backing sheet out from under the vinyl.
Carefully place vinyl back down on board, scraping as you go to keep air bubbles out. Start at the top (the hinged part) and go all the way down to the bottom.
Now carefully but firmly, press and scrape over entire decal with a smooth edge object - like a credit card. This should press the vinyl onto the wood so you can remove the top clear transfer sheet.

Now peel back top clear transfer sheet, leaving vinyl decal on wood.

If some of the vinyl sticks to the clear transfer sheet, simply put it back down, press down so the vinyl will stick to you wood, and hold it in place with a finger while you continue pulling away transfer sheet. You may have to do this several times, in different places, if the vinyl wants to stay on the transfer sheet instead of going onto your board.
Once the entire decal is on the wood, and the clear transfer sheet is completely off, press with the palm of your hand over entire decal to firmly press the decal onto the wood to be sure it is all adhering fine.

Last step - I always spray all my wood projects with a matte finish photo finishing spray. This helps protect the wood and vinyl. I also like how it "finishes" the project. This is the kind i use.  You could also Mod Podge over it if you wanted to protect it even more.

This would be a *perfect* Relief Society craft project. Remember, you can order this LDS vinyl decal and many others, including temples, on the We Cut Vinyl website:


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