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Christ etched on glass

I have been wanting to make this for a while now and had a little time today so I tried it. I love it! What an elegant way to put Christ in so many things. It is so slight to see, but you do see it and it is so great! You may want to try it, too.

How to make your glass etching of CHRIST:
1. Order the CHRIST head decal from We Cut Vinyl, here. If you want just the head etched (like in my examples), be sure to type in the vinyl color text box: INVERT. If you want to etch everything else but the Christ head, then order it as usual. I used the INVERTED one, so just His head was etched onto the glass.
2. You will need glass etching cream. Available at some craft stores, and also online here. I apply it with a plastic spoon.
3. Glass to etch onto. I used a 5x7 frame. You could use any size frame, really. Or even a glass block.
*Clean your glass.
*Apply vinyl decal to glass where you want it (you may want to measure and lightly mark where you want it to go), or you can eyeball it.
*Remove transfer tape.
*Lightly apply glass etching cream so it covers all the open vinyl/glass areas where you want it to etch (you can see an example of this here). Be sure to NOT get any of the cream on the outside of vinyl where you DO NOT want it etched. It will etch that glass too if it touches it. You may want to tape up around vinyl decal with masking tape to protect the glass where you are not etching.
*Let sit for about 5 minutes
* In as hot as water as you can stand, rinse etching cream off of glass. While still holding glass under water, peel off vinyl decal (the warm water will make the adhesive under the vinyl easier to remove).
*Dry off glass. You're done!

Any questions? You can email me!

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