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Kansas City Missouri Temple

We now have the Kansas City, MO temple vinyl decal ready for you!!  Relief Society's and Young Women groups are loving this for a craft for all their members to put in their homes.  Primary children are also using decals like this on small objects just for little hands (available as small as 3 inches).    Shown above on glass blocks, sprayed with frosting spray, spray paint.

Order your Kansas City, MO temple vinyl decal here.
(It's under: Missouri Kansas City)

Are you from the Kansas City area and need a bigger cutout for events coming up?  Just contact us and we will see what we can do!

We will be at the Open House on April - and are so excited to see it in person and to go in it.


Garden/House Lantern - Night Light

I've seen on a few websites these etched glass lanterns. I thought they were so cute, so I decided to try it. I love it! These would make a great night light in a baby's room. Here are the instructions on how to make one.

Gather items you need: Glass jar (any size ranging from a baby food jar to a full size Mason jar), glass frosting spray paint (at any home improvement store), vinyl decal either in shapes or you could do a name (available at WeCutVinyl), tea candles - either battery operated or flame, wire or ribbon for hanging.

Clean outside of jar so vinyl will stick to it. Apply vinyl to jar:
In a well ventilated area, LIGHTLY and QUICKLY spray jar with frosting spray paint. You may want to do 2 LIGHT coats:Once paint is dry (it will dry pretty quickly, usually within 10 minutes or so) peel vinyl decals off of jar.Wrap wire around top of jar and tighten down with needle nose pliers so jar does not fall out of wire while holding.

Put candles in bottom of jar and light carfefully with a long match. Or use battery operated tea lights.

Have fun....and craft more!

Portions Plate

When committing to eat healthier, portion control and the proper foods are key! I made a plate to help with this. It can be made on any size glass plate, but remember, the smaller the plate, the less you will eat automatically!

You will need: A plain glass plate (it can be colored, as long as it is still transparent), the portions vinyl decal here, and glass etching cream.

Apply vinyl to back/underside of plate according to the directions that come with the vinyl. The decal will come mirror image so it will be readable from the front/top of the plate. Apply a thin layer of glass etching cream over entire decal, making sure all open spaces are covered so it will etch completely.
Wait 5 minutes (or however long according to the etching cream directions). Rinse under warm water. Keeping the plate under as hot of water as you can stand, peel vinyl decal off (the warm water will help keep the vinyl adhesive soft - making it easier to remove). Once all the vinyl is peeled off, rinse plate and dry. Done!

New Halloween Sign

I just got done making my latest vinyl craft design. I love how it turned out!

Here is how to make it:
1. You will need the vinyl decal, available here. If you have wood already, great. If not, you can order that too with the vinyl.
2. Paint the wood orange. Allow to dry. Sand edges to make it look "roughed up" (you'll also need to sand the edges so the stain can turn the edges black).
3. Apply vinyl. Be sure to measure from the same letter on both sides (measure the p's or the k's, for example).
4. Quickly rub stain all over wood and vinyl. Then rub with a clean paper towel to wipe off access stain and to lighten the stain on the wood. I used ebony colored stain (black), so it looks more Halloween-y.
5. Hang for Halloween.

Christ etched on glass

I have been wanting to make this for a while now and had a little time today so I tried it. I love it! What an elegant way to put Christ in so many things. It is so slight to see, but you do see it and it is so great! You may want to try it, too.

How to make your glass etching of CHRIST:
1. Order the CHRIST head decal from We Cut Vinyl, here. If you want just the head etched (like in my examples), be sure to type in the vinyl color text box: INVERT. If you want to etch everything else but the Christ head, then order it as usual. I used the INVERTED one, so just His head was etched onto the glass.
2. You will need glass etching cream. Available at some craft stores, and also online here. I apply it with a plastic spoon.
3. Glass to etch onto. I used a 5x7 frame. You could use any size frame, really. Or even a glass block.
*Clean your glass.
*Apply vinyl decal to glass where you want it (you may want to measure and lightly mark where you want it to go), or you can eyeball it.
*Remove transfer tape.
*Lightly apply glass etching cream so it covers all the open vinyl/glass areas where you want it to etch (you can see an example of this here). Be sure to NOT get any of the cream on the outside of vinyl where you DO NOT want it etched. It will etch that glass too if it touches it. You may want to tape up around vinyl decal with masking tape to protect the glass where you are not etching.
*Let sit for about 5 minutes
* In as hot as water as you can stand, rinse etching cream off of glass. While still holding glass under water, peel off vinyl decal (the warm water will make the adhesive under the vinyl easier to remove).
*Dry off glass. You're done!

Any questions? You can email me!

Halloween sign - Witch, cat and brew

I made this new Halloween sign from a graphic I found while searching for another Halloween graphic on my computer. My daughter loves the purple sparkly glitter I put on it.

Here is how to make it:
1. Order the vinyl decal from We Cut Vinyl ( My decal is brushed silver.
2. You can get the wood from us at We Cut Vinyl, too. You'll need to email me for information on that.
3. Paint or stain the wood. I only stained my mdf wood with ebony (black) stain. I wanted to try it without paint and I like how it looks. Allow to dry.
4. Apply vinyl decal. **On my sign, the way it looks is by default. I thought I messed up on mine so I had Carl try to sand off the vinyl decal - well, it didn't sand off, it just roughed up the vinyl a little bit - so I decided to just go with that and it turned out great!** I will have to remember that "technique" for future projects.
5. To get the glitter effect, spray board with a photography matte finishing spray. This is the one I used. But working quickly - sprinkle glitter lightly all over board (before matte spray dries). The glitter will stick to the spray and hold it in place.
6. Wrap wire thru holes and curl with needle-nosed pliers. I bought my wire at Metal Mart (be sure to ask for Mark Helean...he is the best one there!!) but I am sure you can get it at Home Depot or Lowe's, or other home improvement store. I don't remember what gauge the wire is, but it is pretty thick. Mark at Metal Mart would know if you called him - tell him you want the wire that you can hang pictures and craft items up with.

Carve your blessings in stone

I found this great saying that I wanted to make a vinyl sign out of for my website. Here is how it turned out.
How I made it:
1. Painted my wood piece white. Allowed to dry.
2. Sanded it so it looked a little "roughed up". This also gives it a natural border.
3. Apply vinyl. You can get this decal on my vinyl site here. Be sure to measure and level wording so it is straight and then tape across entire top of decal so it holds it in place. You can see how to do this on my website, here.
4. Stain wood with stain. I used Minwax stain, Special Walnut color. Wipe off excess stain from wood, and from vinyl lettering (I stain my board after I apply my vinyl since it is easier to apply vinyl to it before it is stained). Also - you may want to put on rubber gloves and use a paper towel to apply stain. This (the gloves) helps it so you do not have brown fingernails for the next three days!
5. You're done.

This would make a great easy craft for Relief Society, family reunions, girls night out, etc... Also makes a great gift.

Custom Tissue Box Cover

This is such an easy craft! The hardest part (once you have all the supplies) is deciding which pictures to use, and what color of vinyl will coordinate the best. Seriously! You'll love how easy this is to make.

You will need:
1. Paper mache tissue box cover - 5"x5". I bought mine *in store* at Roberts Craft in Utah. They are also available online here, and here (I do not guarantee any item from these websites since I did not purchase mine from either of them. Please make sure you are ordering the proper item before paying for it). Or just search "paper mache tissue box cover" and you may find other websites that sell them.
2. Paint and sponge paint brush (since you are painting "paper" the sponge brushes work best). I use regular house paint that I buy in the gallon at Home Depot. I use this paint because it is much more cost efficient than buying those little containers of paint at a craft store. But I do a lot of these kinds of crafts, so I go thru a gallon of paint faster than the average person, I guess.
3. 4 - 4"x4" pictures. These are cropped from 4"x6" pictures. If you do not know how to get your picture just right in photoshop, ask an employee at your local photo developing store. You can also just cut a 4"x6" photo to fit in the space. It will look best if you order the MATTE or LUSTER finish on your photos. Not glossy!
4. Spray adhesive. You can buy this almost anywhere - Wal*Mart, Target, office supply stores, etc... (You can also use glue sticks or mod podge to glue your pictures onto the box, but with adhesive spray you will not get any rippling effect like you do with glue.)
5. Matte photo finishing spray. You may be asking - what for? You will actually use this twice on this project, so it is worth the investment. If you do not have any already, you can purchase it at most photography stores. I use this kind, here.
6. The Family Picture Block vinyl words from We Cut Vinyl. Available here. I used light brown vinyl lettering.
How to make:
1. Paint paper mache tissue box cover. I used black paint. You will want to paint it twice. Let it dry completely inbetween coats of paint.
2. Once paint is dry, spray lightly (do not puddle spray) with the matte photo finishing spray. If you do not do this, when applying the vinyl lettering, you will peel the paint and part of the box off. This protects the painted box. You will want to spray this inside of a box to protect your kitchen table.
3. Once matte spray is dry, spray back of photos (one at a time) with the adhesive spray, and place your photos on your box where you want them. Be careful, once you stick the pictures onto the box, they will not move, so place carefully.
4. Once all four pictures are glued onto box, apply the vinyl words (according to the directions that come with the vinyl). You will over lap the pictures with the vinyl lettering - this is ok - and actually looks best.
5. Now spray the entire thing lightly again with the matte photo finishing spray. This will protect everything - and protect the photographs from finger prints, etc... (again, spray in a box to protect your kitchen counter or table)
6. You're done. See how easy that was?
With your leftover items from this craft (adhesive spray, matte photo finishing spray, and *maybe* your gallon of house paint) make other crafts. You can also protect all your photographs with the photo spray.
These make great gifts for in-laws, grandparents, teachers desks, bishop's, and others.

The Family Proclamation Vinyl Home Decor Board

I just made another home decor item that I just love! Putting vinyl on ceramic tiles is the latest craze in home decor. Honestly - I am not a fan! I much prefer a board over a tile for several reasons. But my main reasons are: tiles are breakable, wood boards are not; I can paint a board any color I want, I can't paint a tile (as least not easily).

I love the Family Proclamation. I always have. I wanted a plaque that I could rotate with my other home decor items throughout the year. Here is what I came up with:
Here is what my finished project looks like:

How to make:
1. Order the vinyl lettering from We Cut Vinyl. 2. Paint wood desired color. I painted mine black. Let dry.
3. Sand painted board to smooth, and to "rough up" the edges.
4. Wipe off all the dust from sanding with a paper towel or rag.
5. Apply vinyl decal. To get your vinyl decal straight and centered, follow these instructions: Measure and line up decal on board so it is the same distance from all edges. Be sure to measure from the vinyl decal itself NOT the backing sheet it is on. Once in place, tape a big piece of masking tape across the entire top of decal. Don't be afraid to really tape it on well - all the way across.
With a smooth edge object, go over entire decal to make sure the vinyl is going to stick to the top clear transfer sheet.
Starting at the bottom of the decal, peel the top clear transfer sheet off white backing sheet. The vinyl decal needs to be coming up with the top clear transfer sheet. Keeping the clear sheet attached and "hinged" at the top with the tape, remove white backing sheet out from under the vinyl.
Carefully place vinyl back down on board, scraping as you go to keep air bubbles out. Start at the top (the hinged part) and go all the way down to the bottom.
Now carefully but firmly, press and scrape over entire decal with a smooth edge object - like a credit card. This should press the vinyl onto the wood so you can remove the top clear transfer sheet.

Now peel back top clear transfer sheet, leaving vinyl decal on wood.

If some of the vinyl sticks to the clear transfer sheet, simply put it back down, press down so the vinyl will stick to you wood, and hold it in place with a finger while you continue pulling away transfer sheet. You may have to do this several times, in different places, if the vinyl wants to stay on the transfer sheet instead of going onto your board.
Once the entire decal is on the wood, and the clear transfer sheet is completely off, press with the palm of your hand over entire decal to firmly press the decal onto the wood to be sure it is all adhering fine.

Last step - I always spray all my wood projects with a matte finish photo finishing spray. This helps protect the wood and vinyl. I also like how it "finishes" the project. This is the kind i use.  You could also Mod Podge over it if you wanted to protect it even more.

This would be a *perfect* Relief Society craft project. Remember, you can order this LDS vinyl decal and many others, including temples, on the We Cut Vinyl website:



*LOVE* soap dispenser

This craft is perfect for Valentine's Day - or any day, really.

This is on our NEW blog.  You can see it HERE.
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